Sawteeth, Inc.

Sawteeth SearchServer

SearchServer is a standalone secure search platform that indexes and searches existing document collections while preserving and enforcing content access controls.

Searches performed with SearchServer are automatically and transparently secured. Every query is evaluated against a logical projection of the document data which is limited to content accessible by the effective user. This ensures that unauthorized users never see – or even become aware of – sensitive data when using the search interface.

Ultra-granular Document Visibility

Visibility can be controlled at the document, document part, passage, or even the word level. Ultra-granular visibility allows you to protect sensitive information without blocking access to public information in the same document. There is no need for the troublesome and error-prone loading of multiple partial copies of the document – SearchServer automatically and transparently protects searches on a single, granularly-protected copy of each document.

Secure Index

SearchServer indexes are encrypted, so that it is very difficult to access the index data directly. In keeping with ultra-granular visibility, the encryption is applied granularly, using privilege-specific keys. This prevents a user who has low-level access to the corpus from decrypting the entire index data.

Customizable Processing

A developer can change the behavior of the document processing pipeline by building custom code, making it possible to index new document formats or support additional languages.

Plug-in Oriented Architecture

SearchServer is made up of several independently-configured modules. Each module can have multiple implementations, either SearchServer provided or custom built. During configuration, the administrator can chose which implementation to use.