Sawteeth, Inc.

Zero Trust Search

The Sawteeth SearchServer solves siloization by providing a searchable, trusted, global index. SearchServer preserves the access controls of the original data – with an unprecedented level of granularity to eliminate the need for privilege escalation – and automatically and transparently tailors search results to users’ roles and privileges. Repositories are encouraged to share maximally, since the global index can be trusted to enforce content access restrictions and those restrictions can be very tightly defined. Increased sharing leads to a deeper index and broader search so that users can find all the information they need from a single interface – easily, quickly, and securely.

  • Search results are automatically and transparently tailored to the issuing user’s permissions and query context for content access restriction or personalization.
  • Ultra-granular content access control. Access can be controlled at the collection, document, section, or even word level.
  • Innovative patented index structure optimized for secure search performance
  • Encrypted index for enhanced data security
  • Highly customizable, plug-in oriented architecture
  • Integration with existing applications through open interfaces