Sawteeth, Inc.

Sawteeth GraphServer

GraphServer is a general graph data store. With an expressive graph representation, GraphServer can be used for a variety of knowledge modeling of entities and relationships.

Granular Security on Graphs

GraphServer’s granular security allows you to specify a security label on every entity, relation, and attribute in the graph. This means that you can disseminate information to users at various permission levels from a single repository. In addition, users can be presented with a different view of the graph based on their role, seeing only what they are permitted to see.

Alice vs. Bob's view of the graph

Two different views of the same graph.


Relationship Tracking

  • Model relationships between people, places, and things
  • Annotate by time, source, or reliability

Relationship graph

Medical Thesaurus

Knowledge Management

  • Manage and serve knowledge products (ontologies, terminologies, thesauri) to your organization
  • Create more powerful queries for search systems